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QuazIR, IRC’s new family of MWIR OEM camera cores are among the most advanced cooled OEM sensor packages produced today. Available in either 320—256, 640—512 or high definition 1280—1024 formats, IRC’s QuazIR camera cores provide the superior performance of a mid-wave sensor in a package specifically configured for applications where size, weight and power are critical considerations.

Our QuazIR cores are offered with a choice of fixed or continuous zoom optics, allowing it to support your application needs.

Both camera and optics can be controlled through a single integrated communications interface.  Flexible digital and analog outputs, low power consumption and unmatched thermal sensitivity result in a high performance infrared imaging solution appropriate for mission critical fixed, mobile and airborne applications.

Model # QuazIR HD+ QuazIR SI 320 QuazIR SI SD
Resolution (pixels) 1280 x 1024 (1.3M Pixel Windowable) 320 x 256 640 x 512
Spectral response 3.0 µm – 5.0 µm, <1.0µm – 2.5µm, <1.0 µm – 5.3 µm broadband
Pixel pitch 12 µm x 12 µm 30 µm x 30µm 20 µm x 20 µm
Frame rate @ max window size 119 Hz full frame digital data / higher frame rates when sub-windowed 94 Hz

Specifications are subject to change without notice.